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  • Musician

    An East Village musician, teacher and parent, Rob is an award winning songwriter...

  • Teacher

    has worked with major country and rock artists and has had a lifelong career as a professional performer and instructor.

  • Professional

    A former member of the Detroit rock band Scratch, Rob has worked all his life as a professional keyboardist, guitarist and singer...

  • Producer

    In addition to his own singing and songwriting, he is currently helping develop a small roster of talented up-and-coming NYC artists.

  • recording and live performance

    equally adept at live performance and creating and mixing recorded tracks


Years of experience in the analog world have led Rob to a keen understanding of how to bring warmth and humanity to the tracks he creates in Pro Tools at his Manhattan studio. He has produced two albums of his own for Avid Records, “Busy Being Born” and “Halfway Home“; as well as “Hobos and Kings,” an independent release by folk legend Randy Burns. Current and recent projects include EPs for artists Dan Morrisey, Nikki And The Human Element,  and Black Fly Reviews. Rob also has been helping out with mixing tracks for the Bandwriting Collective CDs produced at Shelter Island Sound this summer.


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